Sachet production
(three-rim or four-rim sealed pouches)

We produce single sachets or four-side sealed pouches from 10,000 pieces per type for filling volumes from 0.5 ml to 30 ml. Double sachets with two different fillings are available from 25,000 pieces.

The individual sachets are available in sizes ranging from 30 mm x 30 mm to 100 mm x 130 mm. They are mainly used for product samples – loose, glued to cards or magazined for packaging in magazines.

Depending on the area of application, plastic or paper film composite materials with an aluminum barrier layer are used. With a view to the recyclability of sachet films, we are currently working on the development and testing of environmentally friendly monomaterials. Where possible, these are to replace the existing multilayer materials.

There are almost no limits to bag design. The films are printed according to the latest technical standards with up to eight colors to perfectly implement the desired print image.

We are also happy to offer you further packaging of the sachets – regardless of whether the sachet is to be dispensed on a folding card or packed in bundles.

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